About Uni Smart

If you are looking for a RFID products manufacturer or solutions provider with the latest technology and abundant resources to help your business growth, or if you are trying to find a trusted and reliable partner in the RFID field, please just come to us! Our experience, professionality, strict quality control procedures ensure that the products you get are only excellent ones!

With its huge production capacity, Uni smart currently produces millions of cards for customers from large shopping malls in London and Roma and small local shops in Manila and Montevideo. We are able to supply and serve you anywhere on earth.

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With its innovative RFID solutions, Uni smart manufactures contact and contactless smart card for hotels, bus companies, metro stations; and solutions for concert in the Netherlands and RFID management projects for schools in the States.

All you have to do is to contact us and let us know your needs and requests, and after that you can rest assured that you are going to receive the best and most satisfying products that you deserve.

Starting from card manufacturing and personalization in terms of thermal printing, DOD inkjet printing, embossing, magnetic stripe and chip encoding, silkscreen printing and more, Uni smart has been innovative, progressive, and visionary along the way.

As a continuously growing and rising manufacturer and solution provider, Uni smart also provides customers RFID products of various types. Currently Uni smart’s products covers not only smart cards and RFID cards but also RFID prelam inlay, chips, RFID wristbands, reading and writing devices, RFID project solutions and more.

Our previously accumulated experience enables us to stand out in this field. And we will never cease to work on our customers’ needs to help their growth! We will never cease to do our little part in making the world a better and more convenient place to live! We will never cease to develop more satisfying and better products for customers who give their invaluable trust to us!

Join us and let's work together to do our part to make the place you live smarter!

Equipment Demonstration

Offset Printing Machine

Offset Printing Machine

Silkscreen Printing Machine

Silkscreen Printing Machine



Punching Machine

Punching Machine

Coiling Machine

Coiling Machine

CTP Machine

CTP Machine

Our Experience


With many of its staffs being in this field for over a decade and its experience of serving the market for over eight years, Uni smart knows better our customer’s needs i.e. cost effective products with high quality. Started as a plastic card and RFID card manufacturer of various types, Uni smart has served billions of cards to customers across the globe. With the accumulated experience, Uni smart’s capacity to serve high quality cards and RFID products is second to none in this field.

Uni smart has many experienced directors in different departments. For example the directors of the Offset Printing Department have an average experience in operating Heidelberg 4 color printing machine of 11 years; directors of the Silkscreen Department have an average of 8 years experience in do the job; the directors of the Lamination Department have an average experience of over 10 years; and director of the Quality Control Department has 6 years of experience in doing the job.

The team members in the marketing department are well training to understand the needs of the customers, and their high level of English and keen understanding of the products we do guarantee that no mistake can ever be made regarding the orders.

At Uni smart we hire only the specialists in key departments, and this is our first step and more important step in get the job done perfectly for our customers.

Quality Control

Uni smart’s quality control starts from the very beginning when the orders are placed. Orders are checked and confirmed before they are put in production. During the production process we have a staff to follow and check the order at every step until the products are finished and delivered.

In the Quality Control Department each piece of product are checked manually, which significantly reduces defective rate. A series of strict quality control rules and regulations guarantee that no defective product can ever make its way out of the factory.

Seeking Partners

An extremely professional team combined with a traditional culture of high sense of quality awareness makes Uni smart one of the most reliable and trustworthy partners for customers of the same business around the world. By employing the best of the best in different departments of the procedures of cards and RFID products manufacturing, Uni smart further reassures its customers about its products quality. And by employing efficient management methods and creative resources, Uni smart is able to reduce its costs significantly, which in turn guarantees its customers with competitive prices for its products.

Since its establishment, Uni Smart Solutions Limited has been dedicating to serving its customers. And we welcome customers from the world over to join hands with us to form a strategic partnership in terms of cooperation. By forming a strategic partnership with Uni smart, customers are entitled to multiple benefits and privileges in terms of discounts, delivery priority etc.

For more detailed information of partnership, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why Us?

As one of the most experienced and leading manufacturer in the cards and RFID products field, Uni smart is always your primary choice.

The reasons

  1. Uni smart understands its customers’ needs better based on its extensive experience in the plastic cards, RFID cards and other RFID material and products fields;
  2. Uni smart provides customers with high quality and low price products unmatched by other manufacturers of the same level;
  3. Uni smart has many specialists in these fields to take care of your needs, and these specialists are supported by a number of sales persons who are with high level of language skills and are constantly trained to understand customers’ requirements better.


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