Custom RFID Cards


Want to customize your RFID cards for your special projects? Check with Uni smart, a leading custom RFID cards manufacturer which has been serving global customers for well over a decade. Uni smart can not only customize print your logo but can also customize the dimension of your cards. Be it 50X50X0.84mm or 98X54X0.84mm or other dimensions, we can do it. We produce only the best custom RFID cards, and you have the following good reasons to choose us as a partner. I. We offer the best prices II. We have quality guarantee III. We ensure fast turnaround and more.…


RFID Hotel Key Cards


One thing that is particularly important for the hospitality industry is hotel key cards. Keys for hotel evolve over time and with the development of technologies. Early hotel key were just plain key for plain locks, and then with the development of magnetic system, we had key cards with magnetic stripes. Currently the development and maturity of RFID technologies make RFID hotel key cards very popular for hotels around the world. The reliability and recyclability nature of RFID hotel key cards make then extremely convenient and cost-effective for hotels to manage access control. RFID Hotel Key Card Uni smart, being…


Are Wearable Payments the next Technological Revolution?


Devices such as Smartwatches, Contactless wristbands, and Smart clothing are products of a technological revolution. They're changing the way we communicate with each other, how we monitor our health, how we monitor our fitness and how we buy goods and services. The payments industry is still having enough trouble convincing consumers to abstain from cash and plastic cards in favour of smartphones by adopting mobile payments (M-Payments). Adoption in that area is uneven, particularly for in-store mobile payments. However, Mobile money in the emerging markets particularly in Africa and parts of Asia is a great success. Today, the industry is…


The Prospect of RFID Related Products


RFID related products have been around not for long but their potential to become...


Unismart Welcomed Distinguished Guests


On March 18, 2012, the CEO and Managing Director of Unismart received several distingushed guests from Europe. The guests came specifically to inspect our production line and quality control procedures to prepare for their incoming orders. The management of Uni smart showed the distinguished guests around the factory, and introduce to them the printing machine, the silkscreen procedures, the laminators, the punching machines, the strict quality control procedures and more. After the visit to the production line, these guests said high of our quality and the quality control measures. The two parties had warm discussions about the future cooperations regarding…

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