Contact IC Cards

Contact IC cards or Contact smart cards have a contact area of approximately 1 square centimeter, consisting of several copper-plated contact pads. These pads provide electrical connectivity when inserted into a reader, which is used as a communications medium between the smart card and a host or a mobile telephone. These cards do not have batteries; and the power is supplied by the card reader.

Based on the protocol of ISO 7816, the most widely used contact chips are SLE4442, SLE4428, SLE5542/ FM4442; SLE5528/FM4424, AT24C01, AT24C02, AT88SC1604 etc. These cards are widely used in public transportation, access control, payment, attendance, hotel management, parking, warehouse management, loyalty & promotional system, identity management etc.

With its decade's of accumulated experience in the smart card manufacturing field, Uni smart is extremely skilled in doing these cards. And it is now providing its customers millions of such cards annually both printed and blank.



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