Custom Plastic Cards

Custom plastic cards or special shaped cards refer to cards that are not in the normal card sizes or regular card shapes, and can be customized.

They are identified against ISO7816/CR80 plastic cards, and the manufacturing of special sized cards requires special moulds and special operational procedures.

Custom cards are used for special purposes, for example these cards are used in discount programs or loyalty/fidelity projects in shops or supermarkets, access tags in football matches or other kinds of games for access management, and more.

Meanwhile there are multiple personalization available for these special shaped cards such as slotting, barcode/QR code printing, signature panel, gold/silver effects, UV varnish etc.

Uni smart is extensively experienced in manufacturing a large varieties of custom plastic cards based on customer requirements, all we need is a drawing telling us the shape of the card you want, and we can get it done.



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