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Our Team

We are an experienced, dedicated and customer-oriented team in card and other RFID related product manufacturing industry. We strive to provide our customers with trusted, reliable, secure and tailored services, and cost-effective high quality standard products. We have accumulated extensive experience and profound knowledge in nearly two decades in the industry with a sole purpose of handling your orders well enough to your satisfaction.

Our Equipments

We’ve introduced complete sets of the most modern card manufacturing equipments and cutting-edge technologies, which makes us stand out in the industry. The equipments we possess and technologies we master are second to none in the industry, which makes us extremely confident in our product quality and turnaround times. Our nature as a manufacturer, our sheer scale and our current productivity combine to enable us to be able to offer extremely competitive pricing for customers around the globe.

Our Business Philosophy

We have been innovative, progressive, and visionary along the way. Most importantly, we recognize by experience that customer satisfaction is the sole purpose of our business operation, and we were, are, and will continue to be committed to our customers.


You will enjoy the following benefits by working with us.

  • FREE graphical service
  • Factory direct pricing
  • Low price guarantee
  • Premium discounts for being our agent
  • Premium print quality
  • Quality assurance
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Highly secure & durable products
  • Multiple brand-new materials
  • Multiple personalization
  • Award-winning customer service & after-sale service

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