RFID Warehouse Management

Currently as the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, it is imperative for enterprise to enhance production efficiency and reduce operation costs. Employing a warehouse management system that helps to improve the turnover rate, reduce operation cost and increase the flow of capital are key for enterprises to maintain sustainable development and increase profitability.

Previously warehouse management employs barcode tags or manual records which have inherent disadvantages that include

  • easy to be copied, dampped and can only be read within a close distance
  • complicated, errors easily occur with large numbers,
  • increased labor costs
  • inventory details cannot be monitored constantly

The RFID warehouse management system solves all the issues above, and will make warehouse management easier and more efficient. The logic and working procedure is as follows. We print barcode on the RFID label/tag, stick the RFID label on the package or pallet of each and every item, write information including position etc. in the label, write destination information in the label when the item is taken in or out of the warehouse, install fixed or use handhold readers in the warehouse and other channels to maintain constant tracking of the items.

The RFID Warehouse Management System is consisted of

  • RFID labels/tags
  • RFID printer (optional)
  • Fixed RFID reader
  • Handhold RFID reader
  • RFID forklift reading system (optional)
  • RFID channel reading system
  • RFID middleware
  • FFID warehouse management system