RFID Jewelry Management System

As jewelries are valuable commodities, it is essential and quite necessary to maintain accurate and reliable stock and tracking of them for jewelry stores. The current practices cannot deliver such accuracy and reliability in stocking and tracking of jewelries due largely to significant human interventions. As a result an automated and intelligent stocking and tracking solution that can significantly reduce human intervention for jewelries becomes imperative for the industry. An RFID stocking and tracking system that integrates RFID labels, RFID label distribution devices, on-site reading & writing devices, computer, system management software, related network link equipments, operation interface etc. provide a complete solution for this issue.

The RFID solution

The RFID jewelry management system can provide a complete solution from the stocking, identification, tracking, distribution, sales and flow of all kinds of jewelry products, which tremendouly improves working efficiency and significantly reduces operation cost.

The system can also provide quick access to inventory details with information about which items are selling best, which items are low on stock etc. Further detailed information regarding the style, origin, weight, material, purity, grade etc. of the items are also accessible.

The system also has a interface for an Electronic Asset Surveillance [EAS] system, which can be used to prevent theft of tagged jewelries. And the labels of all billed jewelries are disabled so that they do not trigger the EAS alarms.

Benefits of the system include

  • Better inventory management
  • Accurate stock checking
  • Reduced inventory costs for high value items
  • Ehances efficiency
  • Increased visibility over the stock.
  • Multiple items can be tracked and scanned at the same time, enabling fast billing at point of sale.
  • And more