RFID Retail Management

The key for retail industry to thrive is to optimize the supply chain which covers procurement, storage, packaging, handling, transportation, distribution, sales etc. Enterprises must be in real-time awareness of the details in terms of their business status, logistics, information and capital flows. The introduction of RFID technology in the retail industry has been revolutionizing the ways of operation for the industry and has been bring substantial convenience and benefits for retailers, suppliers and the end customers, and the technology has made the supply chain system unprecedently easier to manage. Besides it’s advanced data collection function is making customer transactions easier and has been providing invaluable data for retailers to operate more efficiently, and make fasters and more insightful strategic decisions.


  • Highly efficient, highly automatic, fast processing, less human intervention
  • RFID technology in supply chain with increased information flow
  • Reduced solid logistics with reduced the distribution cost
  • High applicability proved by Wal-Mart, Metro, ZARA and other international retail giants


  • Enterprises are enabled to maintain real-time inventory control and are advised with customer demand patterns
  • RFID technology in supply chain enhances supply chain visibility and makes the entire supply chain and logistics management processes a fully transparent system
  • RFID technology enables enterprises to provide personalized service, which greatly improves customer service quality

How it works?

  • Raw material supply chain: Each supplier has a unique RFID label/tag with location, transfer, query and other information stored
  • Transportation: goods in transit and vehicles are also fixed with RFID labels/tags, RFID readers are installed on a number of checkpoints along the transfer lines to maintain real-time tracking of the items being transferred
  • Inventory management: based on the RFID labels/tags on each item, the system automatically identifies their accurate inventory area, the number and timing of a specified item in stock and other necessary information, which makes inventory management highly convenient and automatic
  • Retail: the introduction of RFID retail mangement system reduces human intervention and the rate of theft
  • Service: the introduction of RFID retail mangement system helps consumers to simplify purchasing procedures, thus enhances service quality